Sunshine Dance 

2020-2021 Fall/Spring CLASS PRICES

Yearly Registration Fee:  $35 or $55 per family 

Competitive Team August Tuition & Tryout Fee additional $30 

No Recital Fees- all classes excluding tumbling participate in our Christmas & Spring Recitals

Cedar Studio Monthly Fees:

Non- Competitive Classes

Preschool Combo Classes (ballet & jazz): $35 or $30 with auto-pay meets once per week 45 minute class

Team Combo class (lyrical & jazz): $35 or $30 with auto-pay non-competitive teams, meet once per week 45 minute class. 
Classical Ballet: $35, or $30 if in addition to another class. $5 off for auto-pay
Tumbling: $35, or $30 if in addition to a team class. $5 off for auto-pay

Competition Teams (Tryout Required)

Company Competition Team: $55 or $50 with auto-pay- meets twice per week 

Elite Prep Competition Team: $75 or $70 with auto-pay, meets twice per week, includes required tumbling class.

Elite Competition Team: $90 or $85 with auto-pay- meets three times per week, includes required classical ballet class & tumbling class.

Sibling Discount: $5 off monthly total for each additional sibling

*Competition fees and costume fees are not included in the monthly cost.

Costume Fee Preschool $45-$55

Costume Fee Team Class $45-$55

Costume Fees Company Competition Teams & Elite Prep $130-$150

Costume Fees Elite Competition Teams $150-$170

Competition Fee Company Competition Teams & Elite Prep $105-$115

Competition Fee Elite Competition Teams $140-$160